A leading experienced and proficient Israeli entrepreneur. Previously founder of Talent Biotech, XTL and other ventures. Shareholder in more than 20 startups in biotech or high technologies and main shareholder & CEO of Stero Biotechs, CannaLean Biotechs, CannaMore Biotechs and more startups in the pharmaceutical and Cannabis fields.

morangimpel (300)


over 25 year of management with vast experience in many senior positions, mainly as the CEO of SELA software labs college, a prestige school for software development, machine learning, AI and more, at SELA software labs a leading company for high-tech in israel and the world

Prof. Moshe Mittelman


Prof. Mittelman serves as Chairman, Department of Medicine and a Hematology Consultant at the Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center (TASMC). He is also a Professor of Medicine at Sackler School of Medicine (SSM), Tel Aviv University (TAU). A graduate of SSM he was trained in medicine and hematology in Israel and the US (at NIH). Moshe has served in the National Health Basket Committee (2008-10), and is hematology consultant for MOH, and President, Israel Society of Hematology. As an experienced biotech consultant, he is now Chief Medical Officer at the CannaDu investment fund, the biotech and Cannabis startup accelerator BioSeedXL and various startups in the biotech and medical fields.



An experienced CFO in Public and Private, Multi-Millions & Start-Ups companies with strong organizational skills and extensive experience in financial management. Ofer has vast experience in fundraising from private equity, private investors and IPO. Ofer has deep understanding of business drivers, risks & opportunities. For the last 8 years Ofer served as CFO at “Reshet 13” .

Guy Defrin


Serves as an active COO in Stero Biotechs, CannaLean Biotechs, CannaMore Biotechs and more companies in the pharmaceuticals and Cannabis fields.

Graduated B.Sc. in Biology and life science at Tel Aviv University with specialty in biochemistry research.