MOR research applications – the Technology Transfer Office of Clalit Health Services, the largest HMO in Israel, providing end-to-end technology transfer services.

MOR helps inventors to translate new ideas in the medical, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical IT and biotechnology fields into beneficial products and solutions available to health caregivers and patients.

Partnership to Clalit allows us to access Clalit’s unique features especially with 4.5 million members It employs as salaried personnel the Nurses and Doctors, Teachers, Researchers and Administrators who staff its hospitals and clinics, including 7,500 physicians, 11,500 nurses, 1,300 pharmacists, 4,400 paramedics and laboratory/imaging technicians and 9,400 administrative personnel in addition to a total of 14 general and special care hospitals.

iCAN – iCAN is an Israel-based accelerator and services company that invests in cannabis products and solutions.

iCAN’s main activity is divided between world wide Cannabis conferences known as CannaTech, and an industry and R&D services with management consultants in life science expertise for your Cannabis business.

Sela software labs – Sela Group is a software house that leads Israeli IT and high-tech industries and operates as both a training center and as a technological center.

The group was established in 1990 with the vision of bringing the most advanced knowledge in various technologies to the high tech industry, with an emphasis on practicality and quality.

Sela Group employs more than 450 employees and has branches in Israel, Canada, the USA and India. Sela provides services to approx. 800 customers across the globe in multi-disciplinary projects in the industry, especially with specialists in Machine Learning and project development for digital health projects.