BioSeed, founded in 2019 and headquartered in Israel, is an Incubator that provides the perfect eco-system for startup companies in the vast field of Biotech and Cannabis in particular.

As there are many struggling startup companies in their first steps of their journey, BioSeed is dedicated to support young and developing startups, providing them with the necessary tools, guidance ,R&D support, business support and more for succeeding, prospering and transforming into a working business in the pharma, digital health, medical device, diagnostics, wellness and cosmetics fields.

Here in BioSeed we will help you excel in:

  •   Fundraising from a variety of sources – including in-house!
  •   Custom-made business development program to fit the require needs
  •   Financial services and support for biotech and Cannabis by experts in the field
  •   Legal consultancy and support by senior and high ranking experienced lawyer office
  •   Tailor-made marketing and corporate promotion assistance
  •   PR service and coverage
And much more!

Many companies, especially startups plunge, close or go out of business due to management or financial failure, limited resources, business experience and connections.

BioSeed will support the business needs and supply variety of services to its startups.
The fact that startup companies are in new markets that are fast evolving & growing, with needs that have to be met relatively fast and in an exponentially growing pace, relatively more than other industries, they have to use external services to thrive.

BioSeed will give a much needed calmness and give market stability startups as BioSeed will be the necessary corner stone for every bio-tech and cannabis startup that aims for fast efficient and secure success and growth, as it is BioSeed’s main target to lead each and every of its’ startup to excellence and fulfilling their true potential.